5 Ways to Save Time with an Outsourced CMO

Watching your business organically grow is part-exhilarating and part-terrifying as you realign your team and skills to meet the demands of the Scaling Stage. You’ve got a product that works and now it’s time to go big or go home. While you can see the gold on the horizon, it’s ok to feel a bit of panic as you watch your time, resources, and knowledge start to stretch in preparation for the leap ahead. There are plenty of reasons to seek out an external marketing team at this precise moment, but saving time is number one. An outsourced CMO is your partner to take your business to the next level by attracting a larger audience, without sacrificing your attention to the product development that your current customers demand.

Consider these 5 ways that an outsourced CMO will save you time as you accelerate your marketing goals and grow your business:

1. An Outsourced CMO has Expertise

Leave the guesswork to the experts to see faster results and more conversions for growth! Instead of spending time to search or scour for ideas on how to market your product or service, an outsourced marketing team will inform their gameplan with the expertise to elevate your business’s exposure using digital or print marketing. After working with various other clients on messaging, promotion channels, and various tools, they’ll be able to evaluate your company’s marketing horizons and determine the best strategy based on these previous experiences. Then, you and your team can choose your level of involvement, whether that means simply reviewing progress and reporting or more hands-on strategy and guidance. Don’t let the demands of complex marketing compete with your business priorities. Instead, hire an online marketing partner who has already spent years developing the expertise to take your business to the next level.

2. Save Time on Meetings

With an marketing partner, all of the time-consuming meetings that revolve around developing, delegating, and advancing a marketing strategy are no longer on your shoulders or your company calendar. Feel relieved? Just think of all the time that can now go back to your product development or business operations. When working with your marketing partner, you can choose how often and in what setting to meet and check-in based on your availability. However, one major sign that you’ve chosen a good partner is that you can trust them to execute your agreed upon strategy without adding  frequent meetings to your bill. Take advantage of their professionalism to take back your time with less meetings and more trust.

3. Avoid Getting Lost in Data Analysis

Any solid inbound marketing strategy should involve a high amount of data analysis to inform each decision. However, how you go about collecting this data, analyze it, and adapt to its conclusions takes time and resources. With so many programs out there from Hubspot to Kissmetrics, it can be hard to decide on the platform that will both house your marketing efforts and yield the appropriate data to track client engagement. Don’t be afraid to let go of this big decision or let in an external expert that can help you to save time with configuring a program. Then, when it comes to analyzing its data output for an effective inbound strategy, an online marketing partner can do this for you and provide you with just the information you request or need to guide key marketing decisions. No more statistical analysis is required with an outsourced marketing team to break down the key data points for you and to keep thinking one step ahead in the marketing game plan.

4. Testing Takes Time

What you do with that data and how it shapes your marketing activities involves a lot of testing, more analysis, and subtle tweaking to hit your marketing sweet spot. Finding your stride can drive you and your team crazy if you lack the appropriate time to strategize and track each A/B test. Your online marketing partner can dedicate this time and help you to find the perfect combination of your target audience, branding design, and attentive messaging in a shorter and less tedious amount of time. If you’re looking to see conversions and customer growth, then hiring a CMO is the most efficient way for you to get results and a marketing process without seeing the agonizing back-and-forth testing that’s necessary in between.

5. Streamline Resources and Team Management

You’ve hired your team to build and deliver a high quality product or service, so why waste time on re-training or hiring new team members for marketing? According to HR Onboard, “each new hire can cost you $400 in onboarding costs alone.” When you hire an outsourced marketing team, you’re not just saving money, you’re also saving time when accounting for the opportunity cost compared to other business activities. Hiring an online marketing partner also means you’re gaining a whole external team with a variety of digital marketing expertise from content to project management to design. This way, your existing internal team members can stick to what they do best and your team growth strategy doesn’t have to include hiring, training, and developing processes for a new marketing team with complementary skills.

While all of these advantages of hiring an online marketing partner will save your company time and even money, perhaps, the biggest is allowing you to move forward with confidence at such a critical period of business growth. You’re already stressed and spending your time thinking about scaling up in so many other aspects of your business.

Let an outsourced marketing team clear your headspace and add time back into your schedule to worry about the other million little things. A good marketing strategy can elevate your business off the growth charts, but shouldn’t require sacrifices or stress to get you there. An external marketing team will support your business to reach these heights both in their direct marketing efforts and as a unique extension of your internal team.

With an outsourced CMO by your side, you can move forward with and achieve your business expansion on time and without fear of compromising the existing balance of your team and operations.