Growth Driven Design

A Smarter Way to Build Websites

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a new methodology in redesigning websites that addresses the problems in traditional web design. The core concept is a logical process based around data and planning that ensures the new website is built to convert.

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The Benefits of Growth Driven Design

Based on data

Based on data, not assumptions

In traditional web design, no one is really sure how effective the new site will be after launch. The time and financial resources used also limits how often a company can go back and make changes, resulting in an underperforming website that a company just needs to “deal with.”  

User, not designer, focused

Traditional web design is designer focused, meaning that a designer or project lead will sit down and brainstorm what should be on the site. While a good designer can still churn out effective websites, it is not based on the user experience.

The whole process focuses on users because their feedback and data is used to determine what improvements need to be made to increase conversions on your website.

User focused
Continuous development

Continuous development

Traditional design treats a website like a static entity. GDD treats a website like a living thing that needs to constantly adapt to reach its peak performance.

Flexible and agile process

The new site is built in stages and the whole process is agile and can easily adapt to changes. In traditional web design, it is very difficult to make changes during the process. Sometimes this leaves you with a less than desirable finished product due to unforeseen changes.

With GDD, the process adapts itself to unforeseen obstacles.

Less Risk

Fewer risks than traditional web design

We alleviate risk by constantly updating, reiterating, researching, and testing ideas. The changes and elements of the website are there because they convert, and if they don’t, they get changed.  

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How the GDD process works

We start the process with research and planning. We focus on the high-impact pages, the goals of the website, and the elements that can be included to increase performance. What we get from this stage is customer "pain points" of your website, a wishlist of actionable items to improve on, and a list of high-priority changes which will have the biggest effect on the goal of your website.

After this stage, we develop a launch pad website which is the foundation of our future improvements. The launchpad website is a well-crafted website that includes all the absolutely necessary and high-impact pages from your old website. While it may sound basic, it is fully functional. What we do is evaluate your current website and streamline it before we iterate. After we have published the launchpad website, we go back to our wishlist of ideas that we created in the planning process. Using data we collect over time and the needs of the website and client, we implement conversion boosting elements on a monthly schedule.

The process ensures that your new website is designed in response to your users. The data we gather is used to prioritize website additions. It is a long term cooperation that is designed to yield actual results with fewer upfront costs.  

Strategy > Launch Pad > Continuous Improvement

The three pillars of Growth Driven Design

Minimize Risks

Minimize Risks

A systematic and focused direction in the design allows us to launch faster and avoid many common complications associated with traditional web design.


Continuously Improve

We continually research, test, and learn from visitors and customers. The data we collect we use to guide the continuous development of the website. This allows us to reach peak performance because it is based on data and not assumptions.


Data Driven Process

The process is tightly integrated with your marketing and sales team to better inform our design. What they learn can be used to improve our work and vice versa. This close relationship ensures that both your website and marketing efforts continuously develop side by side.  

Are You Ready for Growth Driven Design?

Growth Driven Design may not be for everyone. Because of the data driven process, there are some prerequisites that need to be in place before we can effectively implement the process.

Growth Driven Design is right for you if:

Your website receives 5,000 visits a month or about 200 visitors a day;

You have been unhappy with previous website redesigns and are ready for something new;

You are willing to go for a long-term approach to build sustainable success instead of an overnight fix that will crash within a month;

You are data driven and care about your users;

You want to integrate continuous design with your marketing and sales to reach peak performance.

Growth Driven Design


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