How to Set Up a Facebook Profile for your Company

The first step in breaking into social media is creating a page for your company on Facebook.  Facebook is still the juggernaut of social media platforms, and they have a lot of services which are designed for companies. Here we walk through how to create a facebook page for your company.

1.  Sign up by going to Facebook. If you already have an account, you can create the company page from your front page or from Facebook’s front page. If you are already logged in, click in the upper right corner as shown below right.

facebook signup
facebook menu

2.  Facebook will give you some options for what kind of page to make. If you are a business, the first two are the ones you want. Since Growth Labs is not a local brick-and-mortar company, we will choose the second option.

facebook signup type of organization

3.  Now we get to input some details about our company, like the name and what industry we are in.

facebook organization

Click Get Started and we get to the first set up page.

facebook setup

4.  Add some images and the logo of your company to make your page look attractive and branded.

facebook setjup

5. Here we define some data about the customers we want to target. Think carefully about what kind of company you are, your personas, and what type of customers you want to attract.

facebook setup

6. Now we are almost done! Here is what our Facebook page looks like:

growthlabs homepage (old)

7. Now it is time to add some final touches. We still have a little bit of information to submit. Click on the About tab and you get a lot of fields to fill in:  

facebook signup

This is the information you display on your page to potential customers and clients. Think carefully about what you write here and make sure to keep it positive. No fields are required, but the more you have the more trustworthy your company will appear.

8. And now we create the call to action. Facebook provides a list of possible text, including Shop Now and Contact Us. Since at the moment we just want people to go to our website, the Contact Us is adequate. Remember to maintain customer expectations. If you want it to say “Shop Now”, make sure it takes you to the product page on your website. Also, if your company has an app, you can have people download it through your call to action

You can also put the URL for the mobile version of your site, if you have one. If your site is already responsive, you should be fine. This just tells Facebook to redirect people if they are accessing it on a mobile device.

facebook setup

Now you should have a Facebook page ready for your business.  There is plenty more that is involved in marketing through Facebook, but you have now completed the first step.

Go ahead and take a look at Growth Labs on Facebook, and “like” us if you found this tutorial helpful.