How to Set Up a Twitter Account for Your Business

Twitter is a bit of a rogue social platform, only allowing 140 characters for each tweet, being slightly less the length of an SMS. Despite this, a lot of major companies have been able to successfully use Twitter both for promotion and for customer service. It is a great platform for pushing content and having short interactions with followers. While perhaps better suited for individuals, having a company twitter account is mandatory for every business that wants to take on social media.

In this post, we will go through how to quickly set up a twitter account for your business.

Go to to sign up! You will need your company address and name.

In an effort to help people adapt to their platform, Twitter will try to deduce who you should follow, that is, received updates from. Sometimes the choices are a little limiting, and I suggest not to choose any of them unless your business is directly connected to the topic.

The next screen will show people to follow based on your selection, location, address book, and whatever other information twitter has been able to get from you. Unless Twitter suggest people who are working directly in your field or are seen as experts, I would not follow any of the suggestions. Keep in mind that we are setting up a business account, so if you want to follow your favorite authors or actors, do so on your personal account. You want your business account to reflect your business and how connected it is.

Twitter profiles are smaller than other social media platforms. Here you just need to upload 2 pictures. One will be your company’s logo as the avatar (400×400), and the other will be a header image (1500×500), such as an advertisement, or a photo of your storefront for example.   

Twitter will then ask to import a mail list from your email address service. This is a great way to find your customers if you have a list of their emails available on an email platform such as Yahoo or GMail. Connect your Twitter account to your email account here and it will automatically find if any of your past customers are on Twitter.  

 Step 6, add a bio. Once that is complete, you will see your Twitter profile. On the right hand side, you can edit it and add some additional information about your company, such as a bio (history), location, and a URL to your website. Click on Edit Profile.

And fill in these fields.

You are now ready to engage with people on Twitter! Make sure you follow us and tweet us “Hello”!