Outsourced CMO: A Big Thing for Small Business Owners

Are you starting up or running a small business? If so, now could be the premium time to seize a great opportunity that’s right under your nose. Since you’re probably thinking about ways to save and come up with an organizational scheme that works for you and your business model, it may be in your best interest to think about outsourcing as an option for employing your team’s CMO (chief marketing officer.) 

Outsourcing your CMO can be a wise way to make your marketing team the best at what they do for your company.

Let’s break it down further to see how an outsourced CMO can truly benefit your business:

An Outsourced CMO is an Outsider with Fresh Eyes 

It’s easy to get stuck within a company‘s systems and operational structures – employees understand how things are done and can become too comfortable in the ways things work. Someone removed from your corporate structure will have an outside view of your processes, procedures, and staff, helping to ensure that your marketing team can stay fresh when it comes to creating innovative, engaging content for your audience.

Outsourced CMOs Bring Unique Experience to the Table

All too often, small and mid-sized business marketing departments fall victim to a lack of strategy within their marketing initiatives. The ideal CMO has gone through challenges in a medley of industries and can offer a unique skill set that doesn’t already exist within your company. They stay in the loop on the best and latest trends in the marketing industry, and they will also have connections with other influential industry professionals to obtain the talent and information your company needs to execute marketing strategies. An excellent outsourced CMO can help get your new initiative off the ground quicker. Often, doing things in-house begin with good intentions in mind, but they never get off the ground — doing things from outside the office can help speed things up and ultimately help your business reach its goals sooner.

CMOs are Leaders in your Company’s Challenges and Transitions

Whether your business is growing at an unprecedented rate, encountering a crisis situation, or repositioning your brand, your CMO serves as a key player in ensuring that your business sails through these transitionary periods with ease. Since they don’t interact with other employees on a daily basis, an outsider can help to keep tabs on rising issues and work to transition the company into a more stable environment. The ideal remote CMO has dealt with different types of company cultures and management styles over their career, so their insights into what works and what doesn’t will be an invaluable asset.

A Remote CMO Offers Valuable Business Consultancy Services and Builds Strong Relationships with Clients

Just as outsourced marketing agencies take the time to understand their client‘s business objectives and choose the right marketing tools and activities to deliver the optimum marketing service, a remote CMO offers an extra edge to the client’s business in a competitive and commercial world. He or she can also act as an account manager — an outsourced leader will view the time and money spent on account management as an investment in the relationship between them and the client, delivering an improved marketing service.

Outsourcing is not always the obvious solution for small businesses, as the idea of bringing in someone with new ideas and different methods can be intimidating and even overwhelming. However, the fresh insights, unbiased point of view, and varied experience of an outsourced CMO has the potential to revitalize your business and motivate your team to produce truly original work.