SaaS Blog Topics Beyond Your Basic Sales Pitch

As a thriving SaaS company, you’ve likely heard that a proactive way to attract visitors to your site is through the creation of a blog. However, having a blog as a main page on your site and a main part of your online marketing strategy requires constant maintenance. With the dozens of other tasks on your plate, writing even weekly or bi-weekly blog posts may feel like a daunting task that’s all set to get pushed onto the backburner. All it takes though is a little inspiration about blog posts beyond your basic service pitch to make your SaaS blog the creative centerpiece of your inbound marketing strategy.

So, how inspired do you need to get? According to Hubspot, Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.” This means that your company should aim for posting at least 1-2 times per week at the minimum and ideally 4-5 times per week to maximize the inbound traffic potential of your blog. If you’re already bored thinking that all of these articles need to repetitively extol the standout qualities of your service, think again.

Try out some of these SaaS blog topics to diversify your content, show well-rounded expertise, and convert those visitors into leads:

Customer Pain Points

Addressing the very issues that are driving your audience to seek solutions is an important way to get on their radar and start gaining their trust. The heart of this content will be your buyer personas or the types of customers you are trying to attract. When drafting this category of blog post, concentrate on one persona and one pain point at a time to really direct your content and speak to that visitor. Then, swoop in with a clear way your service solves that problem or with an offer with next steps that advance their engagement with your company.

Industry Context

Writing posts that provide an overview of your industry and the main problems that your SaaS product works to solve is a great way to gain credibility in the eyes of your reader. By demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of your industry, your company can attract a broad, interested audience and impress them with your strong position within the field. Plus, when building your company, you’ve already done the research, so why not repurpose it into engaging SaaS blog content? If you’re in a crunch to produce a sufficient quantity of quality posts for your online marketing strategy, this topic is a quick and easy way to stay on schedule.

Current Events

Posting on your blog is only half the battle when it comes to actually attracting visitors. The other half is promotion and the effective use of SEO strategies to grab readers’ attention. Incorporate blog posts about the interplay between your service/company/industry and current events to take advantage of trending hashtags or keywords that will boost the number of visits to your site. These types of posts provide an opportunity to showcase the ongoing relevance of your service within both your specific industry and bigger-picture global affairs. Get started with ideas for this type of blog topic by working backward from the news, social media, keyword tools, and content research tools, such as Buzzsumo or Ninja Outreach.


While it might seem counterproductive to write a post on your SaaS blog about a competitor, this type of post is a great way to spell out the advantages of your service. Start out these posts with an evaluation of your competitor’s service and finish with a comparison that shows the clear advantage of your SaaS product. Plus, with strategic SEO, incorporating this type of article into your online marketing strategy is a subtle way to capture search traffic that directs to that competitor and their brand. Over time, this blog topic might just be the golden ticket to becoming the lead influencer in your industry.

Design Experience

When developing your SaaS service, your company undoubtedly spent a lot of time and resources on the design of your service. Whether following the principles of UX design or simply using your aesthetic and experienced instincts, the way your users engage with your service is a key selling point for why they should choose to use it. Spell out these elements of your service in blog posts to clearly demonstrate the user-friendliness and appeal that will attract your visitors to investigate further into other features. With this relatable approach, design experience blogs can become a key component of your online marketing strategy that acts as a gateway introduction to your service for potential customers.

Curating the content of your blog requires creativity, planning, and an in-depth knowledge of customer behavior. Diversify your online marketing strategy with blog topics that highlight your SaaS service from a variety of perspectives. Not only will the content on your blog stay fun to read from week to week, but also it will stay fun to write. Make both your readers and marketing team happy by spicing up your current content strategy with blog posts that approach your service from all angles. While your SaaS sales pitch will still make an appearance, these new blog topics will give your customers and team new and innovative reasons to take pride in your SaaS service and inspire their commitment to your service for years to come.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments what other SaaS blog topics you have found successful to creatively raise awareness and attract visitors to your website.