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We Guide SaaS Companies with Data Driven Marketing

We believe in a data driven approach to digital SaaS marketing. A marketing strategy is well planned, based on research and data rather than assumptions. All tactics are tied to smart goals to hit target metrics. We do not believe in throwing kitchen sinks, trial and error, and a "let's see what happens" approach to marketing. We work closely with you to help guide your marketing, establish the overall strategy, and help you execute tactics.

We work with SaaS companies that have a great product and an amazing team behind them. If this sounds like your company, we already like you!

Whether you are just starting out, need to rethink your marketing, or just need a helping hand, we're here to help you.

What We Do For Your SaaS Marketing

We work as your guiding marketing partner in developing strategy and its execution. Our place is to assist your efforts in a support position.  We specialize in overall strategy and tactics and then help your company keep the course to growth.

Growth Drive Design is user-focused because we use the feedback and data from the user in determining what improvements we can make to increase conversions and customer delight on your website.

  • Persona (target customer) profiles
  • Setting up of tracking and marketing automation tools
  • Bi-weekly meetings to assess performance and guide strategy
  • SEO and Website optimization with a growth driven design methodology
  • Developing a content marketing strategy
  • PPC on all major platforms
  • Guidance on Inbound Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • Effective collection of user feedback
  • Community building around your product.

Your Product is your Marketing

Great SaaS companies need just two things - a great product and great people. Our job is to guide your company in creating a tight marketing process that focuses on growth, acquisition, and delighting your customers.  We work with good companies to make them great.

We help you take your awesome product and put it in front of the people who need it the most. Then we use data and feedback to improve the process, striving to hit higher targets in the fastest and most reliable way possible.

We know that marketing for SaaS companies needs to be effective, agile, and efficient. As a small, remote team we help you keep costs down while being able to shift direction faster than a sports car.

What Does Working With Growth Labs Look Like?

First, we talk to you. A LOT. We need to know your business, your industry, your hopes and dreams. We assess your position, your entire website, and your previous marketing efforts.


Then we create a few imaginary people that we will target with our marketing. These are called Personas (or ideal clients). This is a combination of current customer feedback, some assumptions, and from talking with you and your sales team.


Next is the overall marketing strategy, which might contain content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, and website optimization. We use all the information we have collected to craft something unique to your business and based on data we have gathered.


Now we meet in a super fun meeting and discuss how to implement the plan, the metrics we need to track, and the tracking that needs to be set up (if needed) to get the show on the road.


After that, we check in every two weeks to see what has happened, what the results were, and where to go next. We also lend our support in execution of marketing actions and provide any further help we can. We  like to work with companies for the long term, so we will keep coming back, checking targets, analysing data, and improving your marketing.

Working with us
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