The Rise of the Digital Agency


It is well known that email campaigns, blogs, social media, and podcast and video services have usurped “old media.” Gone are the days of TV, radio broadcasts, and infomercials. The rising generation has less patience for this form of media; today, people demand information instantaneously, in a way that only today’s online media platform can keep up with. The old media was helmed by news reporters, radio broadcasters, and journalists. Today, these media aficionados are found within the digital agency.

Creative Agency VS Digital Agency, Know the Difference

First, let’s be sure to not confuse the digital agency itself with the creative agency that uses digital interfaces. A creative agency deals with producing content largely on an aesthetic, visual basic. They are end product driven, rather than process driven. A traditionally creative agency will deal with projects on the bigger picture, and are less willing, or able to tackle campaigns that require a specific, technical approach to drive intended results. These agencies are all-encompassing, but, typically, are not the best equipped to tackle specific issues.

A digital agency also has a high regard for visual appeal and desired aesthetic, but they are more analytical in their approach to rendering the end result. These agency’s want to actualize a visually pleasing product, but know that specific tools must be utilized in order to reach this end result. They think less big picture and more detail oriented. They know that its necessary to consider the user’s experience on every digital platform, and what technical roadblocks that may arise that could prevent the site from going live. For this reason, the role of such an agency diverse — ranging from management to actual web development. They’re less concerned with visual rendering and more fixated on how that visual result with drive a business’s growth.

So, What Does a Digital Agency Do?

Digital agency’s tackle everything from web development and UX/UI design to social media, SEO, and marketing tactics. Their team is made up of those who can best handle specific issues, therefore a good digital agency will front the best programmers, digital marketing professionals, developers and experts in SEO. A digital agency isn’t just a technical support service. Creative design and implementation are fundamental to the digital agency, but they usually only handle projects that address a specific issue or seek to carry out a client’s particular goal. Everything is centered on a specific demand, which is, again, how the digital agency differs from the traditional one.

Creative design and implementation are fundamental to the digital agency, but they usually only handle projects that address a specific issue.

Why Go with A Digital Agency

If you are serious about staying on top in an ever-growing, competitive digital market, than going with a strong digital agency is an investment worth making. Today, the average consumer is more technically savvy than ever before. If a business is not up to date, and fronting the latest tech features on their site, they will consider other options. The digital agency knows how to consistently stay on top of this competitive market, and how to know specifically what your business is lacking that keeps it behind the competition, or inhibits it from garnering media attention. If your business isn’t using the latest technological tools, you’ve already greatly lowered your chances of getting it noticed on the contemporary online market. Digital marketing agencies deliver highly targeted, measurable results.

What A Digital Agency Can Do for Your Business:

  • Maximize the profits of your online business by developing a specific strategy to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Improve the overall turn around time and productivity of your business
  • Establish who your specific buyer persona is, and develop a plan to best target this audience by monitoring the “buying journey”
  • Optimize organic search rankings by producing refined content that drives traffic
  • Utilize social media with the aim of procuring a high return on investment (ROI)


While a digital agency is equipped with best technical team that are able to render real, marketable results for your business in real time, this is not the only allure to going with a digital agency. Digital agencies growing reputation lies not only in its results driven services, but in the enduring relationship formed between clients and agency that’s necessary for the agency to deliver the best results. A good digital agency will recognize that there is not a one- size-fits-all solution to a given problem, and this is the very concept that sets the digital agency apart and drives it forward.

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