ISEBOX is a cloud-based platform for storing, managing and distributing all types of digital content. ISEBOX offers a complete content management and distribution solution for multimedia news releases, media centers, video archives and libraries, and more.

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Logo Design

ISEBOX felt that their existing logo looked too much like some 'scientific' software, which didn’t reflect their SaaS product or brand personality.

They felt that the existing logo was striking but not attractive. They called upon Growth Labs to create a new logo that would be soft, simple, cool, clever, easy on the eye, iconic, professional, yet not formal. From a design perspective they knew they wanted something that used both type and icon.

In the startup world, ISEBOX is one of the few that makes it past the first 3 years. Currently 6 years in and growing, ISEBOX needed a new identity that embodied who we are and what we do. Our previous branding and logo did nothing to reflect that – partly because we didn’t know. GrowthLabs has a unique process that helped us curate our thoughts to target what we wanted to achieve – and the result is fantastic. Everything from our color palette to our instantly recognizable logo. We feel comfortable heading into the next chapter of our journey."

- Salvatore Salpietro // CTO & Co-Founder of ISEBOX

Web design

"When we begin our website redesign with GrowthLabs, we were in our third version of our site. We had been consistently unsatisfied with our image, and how we presented our message. Our product isn’t necessarily the easiest to explain, and therefore historically we attempted to explain with a lot of text and content. GrowthLabs reverse engineered this – say more by saying less. While before we may have reluctantly sent clients to our website knowing its usefulness was limited, now we are happy to send users to our website – it’s clean, gorgeous, and encourages visitors to connect with us."

- Salvatore Salpietro // CTO & Co-Founder of ISEBOX


Web design

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