NDepend is a .NET tool that does static analysis, predictive technical debt, enforcement of code standards, and much more. Originally developed as a visual static analysis tool, it has come a long way and now offers several unique premium features. 
We have been working with Growthlabs (formerly AtomicDuo) for over five years with great success. Grant and his team are always pleased to help us on various tasks including designing, marketing, branding, and a multitude of punctual tasks we delegate to them because we know it'll be both well done and done on time.
- Patrick Smacchia, CEO ZEN PROGRAM LTD 

Logo design

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Logo Design

NDepend required a simple but stylish logo that would be familiar to developers working with Microsoft products and the metro style. 

The design was also to be fluid enough to create similar logos for licensed, adjacent partnerships. 

Web Design

We designed the homepage of NDepend. We wanted it to highlight the benefits of the tool as well as leverage the marketing tactics we were using.



Web design

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development description


development description

Inbound Marketing


We provided inbound marketing services for NDepend in some capacity for the past few years. These campaigns have been carried out as requested by the client and according to their needs. 

Working with a prominent .NET writer, we started a blog for NDepend and brought it's readership to an average of  4.743 visits a month and converting 22.51% of visitors into leads.  Our goal was to highlight NDepend's functionality and shift the target towards project managers and team leads. 

We also reached out to the .NET blogging community that had been writing about NDepend and were able to put together and publish a community created e-book on best code practices and NDepend. 


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